Environment Ireland Sourcebook 2016

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Environment Ireland® Sourcebook 2016

Need to find out the latest developments in the Irish environmental sector? The Environment Ireland® Sourcebook is a new reference guide which provides in-depth analysis of the latest developments in Irish and European policy and features chapters dedicated to each of the major environmental sectors.

The Sourcebook provides an overview of the current state of Ireland’s environment, both north and south, and how Ireland is performing at local and EU levels as it moves towards becoming a greener sustainable country. The Sourcebook also contains information on the latest figures / trends (including emissions, recycling, pollutants etc.) and looks at the areas which make Ireland’s environment unique.

With over 200 pages crammed with useful information, this exclusive resource will be found throughout the year on the desks of individuals working across a wide range of environmental issues. The Environment Ireland® Sourcebook is an excellent point of reference and also includes comprehensive listings of environmental organisations and agencies as well as the many consultants and service providers. It also features a who’s who of the top 100 individuals working in the Irish environment.

Alongside extensive analysis and a look at the future direction of environment policy, the Environment Ireland® Sourcebook is the only detailed reference guide focusing on the main environmental sectors:

  • State of Ireland's environment
  • Climate change
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Air quality
  • Natural capital
  • Planning

    Environment Ireland® Sourcebook 2016: Detailed contents by chapter