Jane Stout

Botany, Trinity College Dublin

Jane Stout is a Professor in the School of Natural Sciences in Trinity College Dublin. She moved to Trinity College Dublin in 2001. As an ecologist, Jane seeks to understand the links between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and the delivery of ecosystem services, which ultimately influence human livelihoods and well-being. Her aim is to unravel the complexities of interactions in natural systems, and provide a rigorous scientific basis for sustainable environmental policies and management, including the natural capital approach, sustainable agricultural practices and urban nature-based solutions. Her research focuses on how human activities (especially changes in land management and non-native species invasions) affect biodiversity and ecosystem services. Jane contributes to international science-policy fora including the International Pollinator Initiative, European Food Safety Authority, and European Academies Science Advisory Council. Jane co-led the development of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and is Chair of the Irish Forum on Natural Capital.